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Fabian Mebus

Senior Front-End Developer

Portrait photo (black and white) of Fabian Mebus.

Hi, my name is Fabian.

Building web-standards-based user experiences is my passion for over 10 years. Since 2010 I have specialised in developing responsive websites for mobile devices.


Principles I Strongly Believe In

  • Responsible Responsive

    No matter what context or which device, the user should always get the best experience possible. Usability and visibility are the factors of success and web-standards-based HTML is the foundation. I actually do read W3C and WHATWG specifications.

  • Maintainability First

    Definition of maintainability: How easy is it to safely make changes to the code? In development, there is nothing I care more about than maintainability. Even above and beyond correctness. I believe in pattern libraries, up to date documentation, linting rules and automated testing.

  • Performance is Design

    The performance budget should be defined as early as possible in a project. Because performance is the responsibility of the entire team from concept to design to development. The Speed Index is one of the most interesting indicators for measuring performance.

  • Communication is Key

    All good principles and techniques are worthless if the right people do not talk to each other at the right time. Having regular open and honest conversations is key to the success of a project. Agile methodologies like Scrum are an effective approach to manage communication.

Work hard. Don’t be an a**hole. Share what you know.

10 Years of Professional Experience

since 2013
Senior Front-End Developer
Sevenval Technologies GmbH
Berlin, Germany
2010 - 2013
Front-End Developer
Sevenval Technologies GmbH
Cologne, Germany
SEO Consultant / Usability Engineer
Magister South Africa
Cape Town, South Africa
2005 - 2008
Usability Consultant
eResult GmbH
Göttingen, Germany
2001 - 2004
System Administrator
Gambro Dialysatoren GmbH
Göttingen, Germany

In the last years at Sevenval I had the opportunity to work with great brands.

What Colleagues Think about Me

Portrait photo (black and white) of Yvonne Giensch.Yvonne Giensch Senior Project Manager

As a project manager I am always grateful for developers who are fully committed to tight deadlines and don't bother going the extra mile. Fabian is such a colleague who always shares his knowledge and experience. His excellent communication skills and deep knowledge in front-end technologies were significant for the success of each project.

Portrait photo (black and white) of Thorsten Müller.Thorsten Müller Senior Technical Project Engineer

He stays up to date with the latest standards and best practices in front-end architecture - semantic HTML5, CSS3, Sass, etc. I appreciate that Fabian is ready to help out even when he has got tight deadlines. I really enjoyed working with Fabian over the last years, he’s a great colleague and became a good friend of mine.

Portrait photo (black and white) of Jennifer Aengst.Jennifer Aengst Senior Project Manager

Fabian is one of those rare developers who also naturally serves as an inspiring mentor for the people he works with. He always makes sure that his team is motivated and working towards company targets. Fabian performs and delegates all his multiple duties in a respectful and professional manner. As a superb communicator he is able to think, communicate and present information effectively to people both from a technical and a non-technical background. I would not hesitate to hire Fabian and I'd appreciate the opportunity to work with him again.

Portrait photo (black and white) of Kevin Busse.Kevin Busse Software Developer

Fabian always has a good advice to get the most out of challenging projects. I often turn to him for recommendations on web performance. He has creative ideas to get the content to the user as fast as possible and he's way fun to work with.